Oil-Rite Purge-X

Air Operated Liquid

Air Operated Grease

Air Operated Spray

Electric Motor Operated

(Liquid Delivery)

Air Operated Grease Dispenser

Ready-To-Go Kits

(6, 12, or 18 point systems)

Oil Rite Purge-X Quick Packs

Air Operated PurgeX Liquid Pump Package

Air Operated PurgeX Grease Injector Pump Package

Motor Operated PurgeX Liquid Injector Pump Package

Air Operated PurgeX Centralized Grease System Package

Oil-Rite Purge-X

PurgeX Adjustable 1/8" Air Operated Unit

Sight-Rite Fluid Flow Indicator

Oil-Rite Accessories

Steel Reservoir

Acrylic Reservoir

Round Polycarbonate Reservoir

1/2 Gallon Pressurized Grease Reservoir


Cycle Timer


3-Way Air Solenoid Valve


Air Regulator


Flow Sight


Air Gauge 0-160PSI


Remote Spray Nozzle


Remote Spray Nozzle


Remote Spray Nozzle


Remote Spray Nozzle



Oil-Rite Lubricators

Constant Level

(Style C)

Constant Level

(Style CS)

Single Feed Electro and Manual Lubricators

(Style DE)

Single Feed Electro and Manual Lubricators

(Style DOSF)

Full Flow Lubricators

(Style DFF Manual)

Full Flow Lubricators

(Style DEF Electro)

Multiple Feed Lubricators

(Style DE Electro)

Multiple Feed Lubricators

(Style DM Manual)

Oil Rite Spray Systems

Air Operated Spray Dispensers

Spray Valves

Oil-Rite Circulating Lubrication Systems

Circulating Systems


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