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Manual (SLR) Lubricators

PM-10 Series

PM-20 Series

Automatic Cyclic (SLR) Lubricators


PE-10 Series

PE-12 Series
PE-20 Series PE-22 Series
PE-24 Series PE-30 Series

PE-32 Series

Automatic Continuous Lubricators

PE-40 Series

PE-50 Series
Automatic Positive Displacement Lubricators

PE-34 and PE-44 Series

Positive Displacement Injectors
  PDI and PDM Series    
Meter Units
  DCM, DSM and DTM Series    
Grease Dispensers
  Streamliner GL-M Streamliner GL-P
  Streamliner M Streamliner V
Opto-Matic Oilers (Plastic)

E and EB Series

EH and EHB Series


LS Series



"Constant Level" Opto-Matic Oilers (Glass) and Breathers

Standard and Stainless Steel Series

LCL Series


Breather Type C (#30014)

Breather Type E (#30015)

Gravity Feed Oilers
  KG Series KL Series
Atlas (Direct Mounting) Series Atlas (Remote Mounting) Series
PC Oil Cups Series  


Vari-Wick "N" Series

Vari-Wick "NS" Series

Vari-Wick "NA" Series Vari-Wick "NAS" Series


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